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Christopher Hitchens

Theistic evolution is the belief, that evolution took place under the auspices of a personal (theistic) God. Christian theistic evolutionists, claim:

  1. that the Universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old;
  2. that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old;
  3. that Evolution is true; and
  4. that the aforementioned are reconcilable with the Bible.

The final claim is implausible. "The human species has been in existence as Homo sapiens for (let us not quarrel about the exact total) at least one hundred and fifty thousand years ... In order to subscribe to monotheistic religion, one must believe that humans were born, struggled, and expired during this time, often dying in childbirth or for want of elementary nurture, and with a life-expectancy of perhaps three decades at most. Add to these factors the turf wars between discrepant groups and tribes, alarming outbreaks of disease, which had no germ theory to explain let alone palliate them, and associated natural disasters and human tragedies. And yet, for all these millennia, heaven watched with indifference and then – and only in the last six thousand years at the very least – decided that it was time to intervene as well as redeem. And heaven would only intervene and redeem in remote areas of the Middle East, thus ensuring that many more generations would expire before the news could begin to spread!" (Hitchens, 2007, p. xix-xx)

Sir David Attenborough on the implausibility of Theistic Evolution

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